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 It's the year 2021. We have been blessed with spring and the much-awaited vaccines. And travel? That is definitely starting to show up on the cards. Looks like it's time to put ourselves out there, don't you think? How about we start small until all the uncertainties and apprehensions around Covid-19 clear up? Is that a yes? Then weekend getaways are just what you need.

So, find your fit, find your flights, and off you go!

Salt Lake City, Utah

One of the top reasons to take a vacation is to escape the speed, crowd, and concrete associated with city life. And Salt Lake City gives just the perfect opportunity to replace the rush of the city with the adrenaline rush of the outdoors, all thanks to the mountains around the city (ideal for hikes during spring, summer, and even fall), the Great Salt Lake (giving just the right winds for sailing, jet ski, or powerboat escapade), or the basketball and soccer games at the Vivint Smart Home Arena and the Rio Tinto Stadium respectively. And on top of that, there are historic attractions like Temple Square and plenty of avenues for shopping. On average, expect to spend about $150 per day including your stay, your meals, and local transportation.

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is like food for the soul with the sweet scent of barbecue filling your nostrils, the colonial revival architecture of Graceland pleasing your eyes, and the tunes of Rhythm & Blues at Beale Street blessing your ears all night long. Walking is a preferred mode of transportation here, but if you prefer, you can even opt for cycling to get around. Either way you'll be saving on your daily travel expenses. Expect to spend about $100 per day including your meals, entertainment and recreation, and your stay with an average of $40 per night.

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, is without a doubt gorgeous. From the moss-covered canopy of oak trees to the dipped in 19th-century mansions and townhouses, Southern soul food to the wholesome horse-drawn carriage rides, one after the other festivals to one better than the other shopping avenues, blossoming parks to free ferry rides around the historic district (Savannah Belles Rides), Savannah has got all that you need for a perfect vacation. There's even an island (Tybee Island) at just an hour's drive. On average you may expect to spend around $130 per day on your trip which can include your meals, any entertainment and recreation activities. As for stays, tariff starts from approximately $45 per night.

Taos, New Mexico

We have two words to convince you that Taos is worth visiting: Adobe Architecture. These are some of the oldest, unique, and organically constructed buildings acting as the perfect base against tall picturesque peaks. Bohemian, eclectic, artistic, quirky, are all words meant for Taos. No kidding! And to top it off, you can explore all its vibes for about $150 per day. This can include nature hikes on (or around) the many explore worthy trails, the cultural and historical walks around the full-of-art-and-character Taos Plaza, a trip to the famous Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, binging on the flavorful fusion of New Mexican cuisine, and the hoarding of one-of-a-kind art pieces, jewelry, and even pottery. Accommodations can be booked starting at just $55 per night.

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Gulf shores is probably the epitome of a vacation destination, with endless stretches of soft sand, budget-friendly adventure sports starting from paragliding to wakeboarding, and waterskiing, unmatchable lip-smacking seafood, and smiles and splashes at the exciting waterparks. Playing golf also comes naturally when visiting the Gulf shores. And the fact that it is moderately unexplored and unpopular at the moment, makes it even more irresistible. Prepare to have a fulfilling R&R vacation in just about $130 per day including a modest accommodation starting from about $45 per night.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Be it the sunny shores, the golf courses, the arcades and video games, the tallest ferris wheel in the country, the fishing by the pier vibes, the "Broadway at the Beach", the mouthwatering pancake houses, the compulsive daiquiri bars, or the slow jitterbug like dance known as 'the shag', Myrtle beach is as laid back as it gets. This city is also as budget-friendly as it gets because vacation is a perpetual mood here, and hence, a lot of it can be enjoyed either for free or at a minimal price. Like the live music and dance accompanied by a pleasant breeze, the movies under the stars, food truck festivals, miniature golf, and oh-so-much-more. Expect to spend about $140 per day including meals, transportation, and including your stay as well at an average of about $60.

Little Rock, Arkansas

Situated on the Arkansas River, nature blesses this little (as the name suggests) state capital. Not even the residential neighborhoods here are dull, thanks to all the greenery around. If there's a place to gratify the mind, the body, and the soul, and that too without hurting your pockets, it is Little Rock. Hanging out at the public parks that are more than just regular parks with fountains you can splash in, sculptures you can gawk at, dog parks you and your pet can make new friends, taking in awe-inspiring views from cone-shaped peaks, and finding the perfect vantage at lit downtown bridges to soak in the breezy nights make Little Rock stand out in the most budget-friendly fashion. And here's the best part, you can expect to have the time of your life for - wait for it - just about $70 a day including your meals, your transportation expenses, recreational activities, and your stay starting from $35.

Guess it's time to stop fretting and start planning.

Happy (and cheap) travels!


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