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Budgeting Tips to Save Money on Your Post-Lockdown Travel | Flightlayaway

 This pandemic has canceled, postponed, and thrown water on most of our travel plans from a while now. We all are want to pack our bags and go on a vacation for a change from the same every day we been having and only the excessive work or studies filling our days. We can’t travel right now. We shouldn’t. But we can make advance bookings for travel after you get vaccinated or once the situation is better. Booking right now for later makes just makes financial sense as prices are lower than ever and we aren’t just talking about flights, hotels and packages too. Traveling post lockdown will be a different experience than before the pandemic. We have already been habituated to things like wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance from other people, getting our temperature checked at airports and train stations, and even getting tested. This might be the norm for a while This pandemic has also affected many of us financially and luckily traveling in India is possible even on a low bu

6 Cheap Countries to Visit in Europe in 2021 | Flightlayaway

 We can feel travel in the air again. If you are like us, you may be planning a trip soon after getting the vaccine shot. Here's an idea. Did you know that you can travel across Europe without paying exorbitant prices that make your account balance dwindle every minute? Whether it's for a little escapism, a special treat, or just an excuse to check out some of the cheapest spots, Europe is a draw for budget travelers. There are a wealth of destinations in Europe for everyone to enjoy? from blue coasts with sandy beaches to valleys and mountains to historical destinations that date back more than a thousand years. So, if you're looking for the cheapest countries to visit in Europe this year, check out our list of the most affordable European countries to plan your much-awaited next trip. Poland Centrally located in Europe, Poland is known for its breathtaking scenery, captivating castles, delightful parks, and much more. A trip to Krakow or Warsaw is perfect for a visi


 The US has waited a long time for a new airline to take off from its runways. Many are saying that it has been nearly 15 years, when the last mainline US carrier, Virgin America, launched. Regardless of how long it has been, the launch of any new airline is enough to get us excited. Especially when the new airline is coming from a place like the US, where the number of potential routes are seemingly endless and many are still underserved. With the wait for a new airline in the US being a long one, it’s funny that when one does arrive on the scene, two more come in the same year! It’s said that good things come in threes. And it’s also said that good things happen to those who wait. So, we’re expecting both US airlines and passengers to be in for an especially good year with the US’ three new carriers in 2021. Let's get to it — who are the US start-up airlines launching in 2021? When do they launch? and where are they flying? 1) Avelo Airlines Avelo Airlines was the first

What To Expect When You Fly During COVID-19? | Flightlayaway

Do you remember when you were a kid, and your parents brought you to the airport for an exciting trip? You board the aircraft, sit down and wait until the aircraft engines push the plane forward with full thrust. It’s finally taking off! At the moment, things are a little different, though. With flights cut up to 95% in some countries, air travel hasn’t been possible for some people for over a year. It’s not about whether you choose to fly or not, the choice might have been taken away because of COVID-19 restrictions. If the last time you flew was pre-COVID, you might be asking, what have airlines been doing amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic? Have they got measures in place to keep us safe? should I fly when restrictions are lifted? And what should I expect when I fly again in or after 2021? 1) Blocking Middle Seats Before COVID-19, we all had the experience of waiting to see if there will be a stranger sitting next to you during the flight. But when the pandemic hit, it b