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Airport Immigration Questions | Flightlayaway

If like most people, you have nothing to hide, getting through customs can feel like a drawn-out process with an unnecessary barrage of questions. However, knowing what questions to expect and having useful information to hand in can really speed up the process. We’ve put together some of the most common and unusual questions asked at airport customs so that you’re fully prepared for your next international flight. Most common questions Often, customs officers will ask a question and be more interested in the manner in which you respond than the answer to the question itself. So, as long as you’re being truthful, there’s really nothing to worry about! Regardless of your situation, it’s always best to answer questions with 100% honesty, even if your situation is complicated. What you thought as a little white-lie, helping to speed the process up can actually turn into more questioning and hassle. Where have you flown from? This is a common question that’s asked to determine whether

Importance of travel insurance | Flightlayaway

Embarking on a trip whether a business or a leisure requires an extensive amount of preparation to ensure that the journey would be fruitful and safe as well. This is where travel insurance comes to mind. It not only assures you a safe journey but also creates a net guard against the unforeseen medical emergencies. For international travelers, travel insurance will be another specific requirement for entry into countries such as the United States and UAE. So, for a good reason too, it will be a part of our list while planning the next trip whether you like it or not. If you’re still wondering why travel insurance is important in 2021 then this checklist may provide you certain insights. Importance of travel insurance in 2021: Covers medical expenses in an emergency: Let us start with the most crucial point in the current scenario which includes the expenses in case of falling ill while traveling or meeting an accident. In 2021, having a travel insurance with emergency medical benefits,

8 Great European Cities With Short Flight Times From The UK | Flightlayaway

A city break is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture, take some time to yourself to relax, and make some incredible memories. The good news is that some of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe are closer to the UK than you might think. Choosing to visit a city that nearby means that you can minimize the time you spend traveling and maximize the time you have to explore. Booking a break in 2021 - The closer to home the better? The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 meant travel plans were put aside. However, as we emerge from a pandemic that shook up our freedom to hop on a plane for a last-minute break, or to even cross-borders, the way you book your next break might be a little different. Whether you're looking for fun, history, culture, relaxation, or adventure, instead of heading off to a far-flung destination, perhaps when you book your next break, somewhere a little closer to home might be more appealing. Where can you fly within 2 hours

6 Beautiful Islands Americans Can Visit Without a Passport | Flightlayaway

Are you dreaming of #VacationGoals but unsure of the rules for international travel right now? No worries, we've got some awesome bucket-list destinations just in case you need a break! The best part is that none of them require you to carry a passport. Yes! You can visit your tropical getaway without a passport! So, when travel is in full swing again and you're pumped to take to the air, consider these 7 incredible escapes that offer paradise without a passport. Puerto Rico The past few years have been challenging for Puerto Rican tourism, with hurricane Maria in 2017 and COVID-19 in 2020. But it's never too early to plan a future trip to Puerto Rico since it's one of the few places in the Caribbean that do not require U.S. citizens to carry a passport, so make sure you add this one to your travel bucket list for 2021. For the ultimate castaway experience, take a boat trip 8 miles eastward to the main island of Puerto Rico, Isla de Vieques. This incredible island is

Vaccine Passport Apps for American Travelers | Flightlayaway

 A lot has changed since last year and a lot may be required and implemented along the way. As we continue to navigate and find our way around the pandemic and subsequently around the world, it has become imperative that we stay aware and make responsible choices in our day-to-day lives. However, that does not mean that we need to curb our desire to travel and to see the world yet another year. Here’s the good news. Thanks to the vaccines, travel is starting to look up again and we couldn’t be happier. Here's even better news. To keep the world as safe as possible, many destinations, airlines, restaurants, arenas, etc. are all requiring travelers to show proof of having been vaccinated or of having tested negative for Covid-19 in the form of a Vaccine Passport. What is a Vaccine Passport? A vaccine passport, these days, is a digital application storing individual health records, sometimes generating a QR code, to conveniently show as quick proof at venues, airports, destination

What do You Have to Remove at Airport Security? | Flightlayaway

Passing through airport security doesn’t need to be the long and painful process that it’s made out to be. In fact, as long as the queues are short and you’ve done a bit of preparation, you can actually whizz through security in no time. However, one thing that’s sure to slow you down is not knowing what airport scanners detect and the items you have to remove at airport security. Annoyingly, the truth is that some airport scanners have higher sensitivity levels than others. And, sometimes, what you have to remove at airport security might be down to the discretion of each individual security member. But to help you out, we’ve made a list of some of the items that cause the most confusion at airport security and what the general take is on whether they’re fine to wear or if they’re likely to set off the alarm on the body scanners. What do airport scanners detect? Belt Belts with metal buckles will set off the metal detectors at airport security and — at most airports — you’ll b