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5 Important Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of travel, but it’s also important to think about your safety on your trip. Whether you get sick or fall prey to pickpockets, anything can happen on your travels – but you can prepare by staying informed and trusting your instincts. If you’re wondering how to stay safe, follow our top 12 travel safety tips, and make your next trip unforgettable for all the right reasons.. 1.        Do your research The first rule of safe travel is getting to know your destination before you arrive. Do your research to learn about the country, political climate, cultural norms and taboos, and the safest neighbourhoods and accommodation for travellers. The first place to check is your government travel website where you’ll find country updates and travel safety advice and warnings. 2.        Write down emergency info If an emergency strikes while travelling, you might not have time to search for the numbers for local police, ambulance or embassies. Ins

Top Ways to Improve Your Travel Photography

Get the most out of your travel photography and capture the moment with these 10 simple tips. Most of these tips are pretty basic and some of them are useful for traveling in general. 1 – Focus on faces Sounds obvious I know, but whether it’s wildlife or people, it’s often best to focus your lens on the face of of your most important subject. We are naturally drawn to eyes, so that’s where you’ll usually want to focus. 2 – Shoot fast Photographing people in fascinating cultural situations requires a totally different mindset to shooting landscapes. Forget your tripod, forget low ISO settings and think less about image quality and more about capturing the moment. Be ready, by relying on your autofocus and fast shutter speeds to freeze the action. Handheld is the way to go because you just don’t have the time to be fiddling around with tripods. In bright sunlight you’ll get away with ISO settings between 400 and 1000 but when the light starts to get low, don’t be afraid to crank that ISO

How to Beat Jet Lag: Tips and Cures – Flight Layaway

Add caption At Flightlayaway, we love air travel and everything about it. But, even we can admit that jet lag is a major downside to any trip where the time zone changes by three hours or more. Jet lag will leave you feeling groggy, grumpy, and grouchy. And, with more online tips on how to avoid jet lag than there are flights in a day, it can be tricky to figure out the best approach to take. But, don’t stress. We’ve done all the hard work and compiled a list of the best tips to overcome jet lag, with expert advice from our own experience, as well as from other travel and sleep experts. Adjust to sunlight One of the best ways you can beat jet lag is to adjust to the sunlight in the destination that you’re visiting. Sleep fanatic Craig Anderson suggests “when in a new timezone, try to get outside for a walk in the morning, and at dusk. Using these natural environments helps signal the time of day to your mind and body.” So, make sure you stay outside and exposed to natural lig

10 Tips when Choosing your Destination

You’ve decided to take more time off and realize experiences rather than possessions really do make you happier and less stressed. Marking vacation time on your calendar can give you something to look forward to, but proper trip planning is key to alleviating anxiety about taking time off from work.Whether you’re planning a trip for yourself, you and your partner, friends or family, these steps can help you choose your best vacation. #1. Be open-minded Haven’t heard a place? Can’t even pronounce a place? Have no idea where a place is? But you’ve found suspiciously cheap flights to said place…? Google the hell out of it, check it’s safe and book that flight! Sometimes you’ll have the best adventures in places you can’t pronounce. Ljubljana, I’m talking to you. #2. Be creative You want to travel to a certain destination but flights are really expensive? Don’t let this put you off, find an alternative. Using the example of Ljubljana again, it’s really expensive to fly direct but flights t