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Flightlayaway Destinations Beer lovers rejoice - thanks to the craft beer boom there are plenty of places to travel to and enjoy a cool glass of local beer. But where do we recommend making sure are top of a beer lover's travel wish list? Read on to find out! We’ve split our recommendations into continents, so that it’s easier for you to find, and give you some tips on which beers and breweries we think that you should be sampling.   Europe Wrocław, Poland Beer fact: Polish beer is good and cheap! Look to pay around £1.60 GBP/$2.20 USD for a pint of draught domestic beer. What to drink: Some of the top craft breweries in Poland include: Piwowarownia Twigg Pinta Targowa (local to Wrocław) Hopium Browar Maryensztadt Stu Mostów (local to Wrocław) Brokreacja Profesja (local to Wrocław) Bristol, UK Beer fact: Bristol and the city’s surrounding area is home to over 20 breweries. What to drink: Some of the top craft breweries in Bristol include: Lost and Gro


Flightlayaway Travel Tips Traveling can be a very tiring experience - this can be especially true when you haven’t packed right. Packing light can seem like a back-breaking challenge if you’re the type of person who frequently has to pay the excess baggage fees. Whether you’re packing for a backpacking solo trip of a lifetime, a long business trip, or an unforgettable adventure with family or friends, it’s always important to pack correctly in order to take with you as much of the essential things you need and remove any clutter. It is easy to get so excited about your holiday and pack things you may not even need. We’ll help you to stay organized and stress-free when it comes to packing light on your next holiday! What are the benefits of packing light You don’t have to worry about paying baggage fees anymore Say no to trolley fees Less time used when packing No more back or shoulder pains High level of smugness - knowing you can throw your airport luggage onto the airport scales wit


  Flightlayaway Travel Tips We’ve all been there: you’ve managed to get yourself a great deal on your flights but now you have to avoid the minefield of hidden fees and extra airline charges. We’ve put together this guide to ensure that you stay money-wise when booking your flights, keeping the total cost of your flight and travels down and avoiding paying extra for your flight. 1. Get Cheap Flights First of al, you need to actually get cheap flights. What’s the point in putting in the effort to avoid extra airline charges when you’ve paid over the odds for your flight in the first place? Why not plan when you book by finding the best day to book flights. You can also use features on Flightlayaway such as our best fare finder, which will help find you the cheapest flight within a date range. 2. Avoid extra taxes and fees When booking flights directly with the airlines or with other travel agents, you may be surprised when the price rockets at the checkout when they add on service fees


  Whether you want to complete a pressing item for work, complete an assignment to submit, or entertain yourself and your family while you travel, in-flight Wi-Fi offers the ability to do all of this and more! However, there are lots of different types, levels of coverage, and of course, there’s the pay vs free services. We’ve done the research to give you a great overview of which airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi, how it works, and who has the best tech offering for your flight, so you don’t have to! How Many Airlines Offer Inflight Wi-Fi? 82 airlines globally now offer in-flight Wi-Fi (as of December 2018), with more and more rolling out services as and when they invest in and install the necessary technology. Airlines with 100% Wi-Fi Coverage on Long-Haul Flights The following airlines claim to offer 100% Wi-Fi coverage on long-haul flights: Delta Emirates Etihad Kuwait Airways Lufthansa United Airlines Icelandair (all of their flights, long and short-haul) Southwest (all


Food is such an important and enjoyable part of traveling, so why start or end your holiday any differently by wasting time and money on a limp and tasteless meal at the airport? Despite often having so many options at the airport for shopping, it can sometimes be hard to find hidden food gems amongst the maze of soggy sandwiches and greasy fast-food chains. So, we’ve selected some of the best airports for all you foodies out there who love to eat out and enjoy different cuisines. Get into holiday mode early and treat your tastebuds to a tantalizing experience at the airport. Whether it’s fresh smoothies, fragrant Thai food, or restaurants inspired by renowned famous chefs, you’re bound to find a restaurant or cuisine in this guide that suits you. 1. Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey, USA | EWR As one of the three major gateways to New York City, and as the sixth busiest airport in In the US, there’s no wonder that Newark Airport has great options for food. This airport