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The Best and Most Beautiful Castles in Europe | Flightlayaway

Europe has a long and turbulent history, from hard-fought battles to doomed quests and extravagant royals. Used as retreats for kings and queens or a place for government officials to conduct business, the castles that remain are the relics of some of the most defining moments from European history. Have you been dreaming of visiting the best castles in Europe? From mesmerizingly beautiful palaces, fit for a fairytale princesses and chivalrous knights, to dark and haunting fortresses, we’ve put together is a list of the top 6 castles you need to add to your European bucket list. Predjama Castle, Slovenia Perched high on a craggy cliffside, Predjama Castle has a dark and thrilling history—almost as dark as the depths of the caves upon which it was built. Predjama Castle can be found in the region of Inner Carniola, south-central Slovenia, sitting halfway up a 123-meter-high cliff face. Despite its seemingly precarious position, the castle is a stronghold that has been standing s

The Best Water Parks around the World | Flightlayaway

Who doesn’t love a day at a water park? We’ve found some of the most remarkable water parks in the world. From lapping up the waves and plunging down vertical drops or winding around lazy rivers, there are loads of thrills to be found in water parks. We’ve found some of the globe’s wettest and wildest parks and the cool thing is, they’re all suitable for anyone who likes a dip in the water. Spain, Europe Siam Park, Tenerife First opened by the Princess of Thailand, Siam Park truly is royalty among all water parks. The park is Spain’s most amazing water park and possibly the best water park in the world; after all, it has been ranked number one on TripAdvisor over the past four years. The Thai themed water park in Tenerife is one you cannot afford to miss out on. There are 30 breathtaking rides to choose from, many of them so exciting that even the biggest thrill junkie will be pleased when riding them. The park’s most popular ride is the 27 meter high Tower of Power, this ride

Tips for Sleeping On a Plane | Fightlayaway

 The jet airliner is one of mankind’s greatest modern inventions, connecting people and giving us a quick and affordable way to reach parts of the world that we never thought we’d see. But, for all of its brilliance, it’s clear that the people who invented it didn’t put sleep compatibility anywhere near the top of the list of its most important design factors. Although airlines are doing more and more to make its cabins better for those who want to take a rest, getting quality in-flight sleep can still be a tough struggle. Struggle no more! At Flightlayaway , we’ve asked industry experts, frequent flyers and used our own expertise to come up with 16 top tips that’ll have you sleeping (almost) better on the plane than you do in your own bed. 1) Prepare yourself pre-flight Preparing yourself pre-flight is the first step you should take in ensuring that you’ll remain comfortable enough to sleep once in-flight. Former pilot and author of Behind the Flight Deck Door, Brett Manders,

10 Places to Visit in Arizona (That Aren’t the Grand Canyon) | Flightlayaway

Before we dig into it, I have a disclaimer: I adore the Grand Canyon. Yes, it is a tourist hotspot and that is because it is truly and unforgettably gorgeous. Flying over the Grand Canyon was a bucket list experience for me. Far from overrated, it is one of those places you simply must visit. Likewise, Phoenix is another worthwhile fixture on most Arizona travel itineraries. Those are two amazing spots that you already know. Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about all of the other places in Arizona that you’re going to love it. From underrated towns to hidden natural wonders, here are the top ten places to visit in Arizona (that aren’t the Grand Canyon). Sedona Featured on my list of essential spots on any Southwest USA road trip, Sedona is like nowhere else you’ve ever been before. A geological wonderland and mecca for spiritualism, Sedona has a magical atmosphere. Whether you want to hike the jaw-droppingly beautiful terrain or do yoga on a vortex of spiritual ene

Tips for Travelling With Friends | Flightlayaway

We’ve written about how travelling alone can be an incredibly rewarding and empowering experience. But heading off on a solo adventure isn’t for everyone - for many, experiences are best when shared with loved ones. Whether planning a weekend break or a backpacking trip of a lifetime, travelling with friends is an unforgettable experience. Not much can beat the support, laughs, and memories to be made when discovering the world with your best mates. Travelling with friends is an incredible experience, but comes with its own challenges. As fun as a vacation with your best mates is likely to be, there are some very important considerations when travelling in a group - you don’t want the stresses of travel to break your friendship. To help, we’ve spoken to travel connoisseurs and used our expert knowledge to put together a guide, bursting with useful top tips and considerations, to ensure your trip is as easy and stress-free as possible. Top Tips for Group Travel 1. Plan ahead Pla