There is no doubt that travelers are eager to venture out and travel in 2021. You may face some new challenges, such as a limited number of destinations, because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; however, keep in mind that lower than usual demand for travel also means that you can save significantly on airfare, in some cases. 

So, travel is back in full swing in 2021 and on the cheap, as well. This is because the flight deals for most trips so far have been out of this world. If you are looking for the cheapest destinations to fly to in the US, the cities on our list are great fun, and some are also stunningly beautiful throughout the year.

If you are itching to travel this summer or beyond, here are some notable and gorgeous places you can visit without blowing your whole budget on expensive plane tickets.

The Cheapest Place to Fly in the US

Las Vegas, Nevada

With many resorts being compelled to close because of slumping demand, note that the Entertainment Capital of the World is more affordable than ever. You probably know that Las Vegas, Nevada, is the perfect destination for a boys’ getaway, a girls’ weekend, or a relaxing couple’s retreat.

You can save big on flights, and this will allow you to focus more of your budget on securing prime accommodations along the famous Las Vegas Strip. Did you know that prices are super low compared to other cities, such as Denver and Chicago? So, make the most of it while it lasts.

Miami, Florida

You will be happy to know that sunny and cozy South Florida offers you a cheap and comfy escape from the harsh and bitter cold. From sunny and pristine beaches to beachside cafes, Miami certainly has plenty to offer.

Keep in mind that a trendy and hip city and near-endless beaches mean there is something for everyone. For a true and fantastic immersion in the city's famous and iconic architecture, you should take an art deco tour. The best thing is that flights to Miami and nearby Orlando and Fort Lauderdale won't break the bank.

Chicago, Illinois

Another impressive and marquee US city with many restrictions still in place during the COVID-19 health pandemic, Chicago offers you the great opportunity to make the most of not only affordable flights but also its vast and diverse array of famous sites as well as outdoor attractions.

Chicago has a very walkable downtown area. You can also head to a couple of museums, such as the iconic and inspiring Art Institute of Chicago.

Note that museums, nightlife, shopping, an impressive skyline, and expansive and sprawling parks and playgrounds are just a few of the highlights of this city.

If you are looking to plan a trip with your family or friends in any of these cities, you can book flight tickets with Flightlayaway. You can book now pay later, but before flying.

Final Thoughts

If you’re on a shoestring budget, these are some of the cheapest places to fly in the US that you must add to your bucket list. While summer is always a popular and ideal time for travel, it does not mean a summer vacation has to cost you a fortune.


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