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Hi Wanderer,

Post-lockdown travel is a much-awaited and nervy ordeal. For many of us, on one hand, you have been waiting to travel again & on the other, you worry about the health/safety of yourself & your loved ones.

Whether you’re an avid flyer or an infrequent one, the travel world has changed for the foreseeable future with many protocols for sanitization & the overall wellbeing of each passenger. Each destination seems to have a same but different set of rules. Don’t worry, we have set up a few tips & points to remember so you can travel the world and be safe at the same time.

·       With additional health & safety protocols the time spent in the airport has increased. Arrive well before the time at the airport & check-in early
·    Take airport/aircraft security seriously & give yourself enough time to clear airport security/screening processes
·       Reach the airport 3 hours prior to departure for international flight, international health protocols are more detailed and vary from country to country
·       Check the government guidelines of the city/state or country you are traveling to, post-pandemic travel all travel rules & restrictions have been updated
·       Make sure you have all the necessary travel & health documents, as required, safe with you
·       Airlines guidelines require you to declare your health status online once you get notification email. Post this step you will receive your boarding pass
·       Install the Aarogya Setu app, this will further validate your health at the airport
·       Sanitization & social distancing rules as mentioned by the airline & are to be followed. Check with your airline beforehand on permissible items onboard
·       Place all small & valuable items into your carry-on bag before the screening check point
·       For a contact-less flight, carry soft/printed copies of your baggage tag & boarding pass
·       Carry sanitizer & it is mandatory to wear a face mask and hand gloves all the time while in the airports
·       It is recommended to keep all batteries and electronic devices containing batteries packed in Cabin Baggage.
·      Double-check the contents of your bags to ensure that there are no prohibited items that have been inadvertently packed

Do note that this list is not exhaustive and we urge you to check the destination & airline rules for safety & travel to be doubly sure Smile

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