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 This pandemic has canceled, postponed, and thrown water on most of our travel plans from a while now. We all are want to pack our bags and go on a vacation for a change from the same every day we been having and only the excessive work or studies filling our days.

We can’t travel right now. We shouldn’t. But we can make advance bookings for travel after you get vaccinated or once the situation is better. Booking right now for later makes just makes financial sense as prices are lower than ever and we aren’t just talking about flights, hotels and packages too. Traveling post lockdown will be a different experience than before the pandemic. We have already been habituated to things like wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance from other people, getting our temperature checked at airports and train stations, and even getting tested. This might be the norm for a while

This pandemic has also affected many of us financially and luckily traveling in India is possible even on a low budget. Post lockdown when venturing out on nature trails beaches or getting some fresh air, you may want to plan and budget your trip. Check out these tips to save on your post-lockdown travel plans

Start Budgeting Now!

– Budgeting is the most important in every financial aspect of life, and if you have not been much of a budgeter then now is the time to apply it to travel planning.

– Make a list of all bookings and items you need for the trip and their value. Whenever possible make advance bookings to save on costs.

– You could start with maintaining a separate account and each month you can save a reasonable amount dedicated to your travel plan.

Off-Season Trips are Cheaper

– Yes, off-season trips are much cheaper in every aspect. The destination will be less populated by the travelers and tickets as well as accommodation is cheaper. Break up travel costs by paying in installments.

– But, if you have something in mind that you can only experience during the peak seasons, make early bookings for the season and pay just 25% of the amount, and the rest you can pay in installments before your trip.

Save On Flight Bookings

– Flights on weekdays are usually cheaper than at weekends.

– Flights are often less expensive when booked in advance. You can even break up your total flight cost and pay for it in installments.

Lowering Your Standards by Just a Little can Help

– The major idea behind post-lockdown travel will be inner peace, not doing everything

– Try to gravitate towards remote destinations if possible.

– Booking your accommodation away from the main hub can cut the cost.

– Carry a reusable water bottle which ensures you are only drinking from a safe bottle and it's easier on the wallet as well.

– Prefer experiences over souvenirs. Try to make memories and have stories to tell for a lifetime.

Remember, if you can reduce the cost of your holiday, you’ll get more value for your money. Holidays are likely to be more expensive once tourism picks up again, so book in advance and start saving wherever possible. Soon you can enjoy a well-deserved break!

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Happy Travelling!


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