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Follow these simple tips to reduce your travel cost up to 70%. Flight booking has never been so easy as it is now. We do not have to pay big fare when there is an opportunity to travel by booking cheap flight ticket. Do you wonder how? please go through the following tips to avail Cheap Airfares at Akbar Travels. 
1. Book flight tickets in advance
Plan your journey and book your flight ticket at least a month before the commencement of your travel. The reason why we have to do so is the flight charges will be high if we book our flight ticket near to our travel date. Usually the ticket charges will be high in the first week from the current date and it will gradually decrease in the second and third week and so on. So there will be a less ticket charge up to 70% after a month.If we consider this simple tip, you will get a considerably less ticket charge while booking international flight ticket. If you apply this simple step while international flight booking, you will get big profit. B…


There are so many options for cruising; you should definitely take the time to think about what you really want from a cruise before you book one. Cruising is a wonderfully affordable way to vacation, but it’s still an investment and you want the greatest possible return of fun, relaxation and enjoyment.

Some mistakes that you should take care to avoid:
Picking the wrong destination:
When you’re shoveling snow or looking at gray skies, a cruise of the Caribbean seems like an easy choice. And, if you love sandy beaches and water sports, the Caribbean will suit you to a T. But, if you would be happier taking architecture tours in historic cities, you might look toward the Mediterranean; if majestic mountain peaks and animals are rarely seen outside a zoo are for you, think about Alaska. We could go on and on.
Booking the wrong ship:
Each ship has its own personality, which is formed from many variables, such as the vibe of the cruise line and the ship’s size, age, and amenities. Some ships a…


Cruise ship life can be a little mysterious. Your choices aren't always spelled out in black and white. The more you cruise, the more you pick up on the unofficial secrets the cruise lines don't tell you which give you more options, let you save money and generally allow you to have a better time onboard.

Maybe it's knowing what your cabin steward is able to bring you or what the off-the-menu items are at the bar or dining room. Or perhaps it's a tip to getting a good deal on an onboard purchase. But whether you're a first-time cruiser or an old sea dog, you may find there's something here you didn't already know. 

1. Get There the Night Before -- and Extend the Fun.
Sounds simple, but hundreds of cruisers literally miss the boat each year because of delayed flights, traffic, bad weather and other unforeseen troubles. Others board by the skin of their teeth, panting and screaming at one another. Who needs that sort of stress? Fly or drive into your port city t…


Cruises are a one-stop shop for all your vacation needs: Your food and beverage is provided, entertainment is on board and your travel itinerary is all mapped out. All that’s required from you: Have a great time. The best part is that many cruise lines feature deals and specials on everything from beverages to group packages. Below, five tips for saving money on your next cruise.

1. Use Agents and Apps Wisely
A great idea: Sign up for cruise lines’ email newsletters and text alerts. The great deals and packages will arrive right to your inbox. Several lines. If your main goal is to score the lowest price, experts advise working with a travel agency. Because agencies block space on ships, they’re able to provide their clients with cheaper rates. They’re watching all the deals, and will be aware of great new sales, add-on perks or other discounts. If you prefer to use technology, there are also plenty of apps available that offer advice, show prices and help you find the best fit and fare…


Technology is bringing our lives closer every single day. Booking flight tickets has never been this easier. You can have your bookings done just by a simple steps. Rest all is taken care of. Let us discover what innate features you need to look for.
Why use mobile phones or smart phones in the first place?
Quite a lot of you travel by air frequently. Booking trips via mobile applications is now made a hassle-free affair as apps give you a fascinating array of options to have your flight bookings done. You don’t have to stand in long queues anymore. The network traffic gets stuck sometimes, when quite a lot of commuters try logging on to the airline booking page across a laptop/desktop. 
Flight tickets can be booked anywhere
For people on the go, a smart phone or a mobile phone would be the best option to have the bookings done. You cannot carry your computer wherever you go. The mobile apps can provide you with simple as well as straight forward solutions to book your tickets anytime and…

Book Now Pay Later

So you happen to keep your eye out for the to Book Now Pay Later by Flightlayaway, cheapest flight deal and you scan through all the options, itineraries and seasons through time until you find the one which suits you the most. You want to save the most on your travel plans, while also securing your seat on the plane, But… as luck would have it… you’re short on the dough. Luckily enough, it’s us you’re dealing with! Simply ‘Book Now, Pay Later!’
That’s because our concern is your dream travel plans just not stay dreams, they shall, and they will, be a reality. Here at Flightlayway cart once contact us, you’re in the cart to zoom off aboard. Our flexible payment schemes allow potential passengers to settle in for paying a deposit and pay the balance bit by bit in easy installments. Our travel experts have predesigned payment plans as well as custom plans designed exclusively for each individual.
What amount and at what stages will each installment be paid? We’ll not be dictating you the …


Believe it or not, but you may often find yourself sitting on a flight next to someone who paid half sometimes third of the price you paid for that same flight. How is that possible? What does he or she know that you don’t? And most importantly, how can you find cheap flights in the future?
Flightlayaway is here to help you!


Sometimes people get great deals by buying plane tickets or vacation packages but we always found planning way in advance is much better when you have children. Children don’t do well with last-minute changes to their routine, and the amount of gear they require will take some time to organize and put together. Planning in advance also allows you to be open to different locations, adventures, and deals.


Often, you can only take advantage of special deals and promotions when you have complete flexibility. If this is you, stay updated on what’s happening with airlines flying out of your local airport. Subscribe to …


Of course, there is so much more to learn about finding the best rate on your next cruise. We go into full detail of all the rules you should follow to find the lowest rate possible.

DO be flexible with your days to cruise the cheapest
As you can see the fares for the same cruise can vary dramatically, depending on when you sail.
Holidays like Christmas and New Year’s fetch the highest prices by far. These rates can often be double what you would pay in the lower season.
The highest rates found around the holidays are closely followed by peak summer rates when families with kids like to cruise.
DON’T think there is a magic website with cheaper cruise fares
The cruise line website the list of sites where you can search for cruises is endless. The odd thing? They all have the exact same rates.That’s not to say other sites aren’t worth searching. It’s the exact opposite. Third-party sites take your search across multiple cruise lines. So instead of just searching for Carnival cruises to the Ca…


Want budget travel tips for free? Wouldn’t you want to travel more often without breaking the bank? What if I told you that instead of planning one family trip a year, you can go twice with the same budget? If you are at all interested, read on to find out how you can do simple things to save money next time you go on vacation.

Book flights in advance
Despite widely touted and romanticized legends involving simply turning up at the airport to find a last-minute bargain, the hard facts say that booking in advance is your best guarantee of a good deal.
This may be especially true if you're off on a city break as companies and organisations sending people away for business are willing to pay top dollar until the last minute, meaning that prices can rise as the departure date nears.
Fly off-peak
If you're able to, avoiding weekends, peak-season holidays such as Christmas, and prime flying hours should yield significant savings.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally felt to be cheaper ti…


Booking a cruise, like any vacation, is going to cost you money and it's safe to say if you can save some money on your cruise, then it's something worth considering.  After all, not everyone on the same cruise paid the same amount.  
Cruise fares vary considerably and there are ways to keep the cost of your next Royal Caribbean cruise low and save some of your money for other things.

Book Early
Generally speaking, booking early is the safest and most reliable way to save on the price of your cruise. Booking more than a year in advance will garner you the lowest rates for quite some time and get you on the cruise you specifically want.  Heck, it's likely to even get you the best prices on even the most sought after staterooms.
Booking early also affords you the ability to track prices after you book because you can always apply any cheaper rates to your cruise up until final payment. 
Use a travel agent
Travel agents have their fingers on the pulse of what's happening in the…


Did you know that you can use this same principle for your next family vacation? In fact, vacation layaway plans are the secret to successfully taking a dream vacation that's less of a hit on your bank account.

By having ample planning, smart budgeting and a savvy travel agent on your side, you’ll be able to live your life to the fullest, all while you save money, keep the stress down and have fun doing what you want to do and being where you want to be.
Here’s how it’s done.
We know that between work, school and everybody’s activities it can definitely be difficult to plan a vacation far in advance, but we promise it’s worth it. Generally, hotels and airlines post their rates and their availability a whopping 300 days in advance – that’s roughly nine months. Are you thinking about cruise lines and theme parks? They typically post their rates even further ahead. What this means is that if you can take advantage of this lead time, you can make it play out in your favor by th…


Finding the best flight deals is no longer about simply shopping around although we always recommend you compare prices  before you book. Get the full facts about how to find the best deal from industry experts and travel bloggers and learn a few new travel hacks to make sure you get a flight at a price that fits your budget.

Book early
Do you remember a time when last minute flights were cheap? Back in the good old days you could book last minute flights for next-to-nothing. If the airlines struggled to fill seats they’d rather make a small profit than no profit at all so you’d find flights for less.
Delete your browsing history
Have you ever noticed that every time you go back to check the price of a flight, the price has risen ever so slightly? That’s because your internet history is traced. When the website you’re checking realizes you want that flight they start upping the price especially if it’s the 10th time this week you’ve checked the price! They’re sneaky buggers.
Always use fli…


We believe travel should be attainable and affordable for everyone. Now you can finance your airline tickets purchased on payments plan feature with no hidden fees, gimmicks or catches. We’ve partnered with an innovative financial services company called flightlayaway to make it possible for customers.

To buy a flight with Monthly Payments, Search Flights on and select “Monthly Payments” at checkout. manages the application, approval, and monthly payments (which starts when you choose “monthly payments” at checkout), so we can focus on what we’re good at – being an online travel agency and bringing you affordable airline tickets, accommodation and car rentals! After going through a short, simple application, which includes a “soft” credit check that will not affect your credit rating, you’ll find out if you’re eligible in real-time.
Your loan term options and interest rate are set upon checkout and the total you agree to pay will be clearly stated. The…