Want to book your next travel adventure but would prefer to spread the cost?

We charge a small, one-off transaction fee at the time of booking your travel arrangement and distribute the trip cost over interest-free monthly installments that suit your budget.

Here we place both arguments head-to-head to help find the best option for you.

Think about your situation

If you have a family with school-aged children, work in a job with restricted holiday periods or have a set idea on the type of holiday you want to go on, booking as soon as possible will be your best bet.

Getting in early means you get the pick of the crop and will be able to snare the holiday you want before everyone else piles in and snaps up those valuable seats on the plane. This is especially important for departures during the busy school holiday periods.

However, if you’re just after a week away in the sun as a pick-me-up or are happy to be inspired by available deals, booking late and waiting for a bargain might suit you better.

How flexible are you?

If you have to travel at a certain time or have a specific room or hotel requirement, booking now will mean you won’t have to compromise on your day of departure, or any other element of your break – as one of the first bookers of the year, you’ll get the best choice of hotel or hotel room type, destinations, and holiday length.

If, on the other hand, you are truly flexible in terms of where and when you can travel, leaving it late and playing ‘holiday roulette’ can pay off with some excellent late deals. You won’t find many last-minute bargains on peak dates, though, so be aware that choice will be limited and last-minute prices can actually rise, not fall – even for package holidays.

Note too that any holiday involving a low-cost or scheduled flight is highly unlikely to ever get cheaper except on an off-peak date to a destination that is not currently popular. Prices for these trips only ever go upwards, in our experience.

How to find the best offers

The best offers are always available at the last minute, right? Wrong! Booking early means you can take advantage of early booking discounts such as meal deals, free or highly discounted child places, free night deals, room upgrade deals and single traveler discounts – all of which can slash the total cost of your holiday.

Paying now vs paying later

It can be tempting to put off booking a holiday until the last minute to avoid paying anything now. So, shop around for deals – this gives you plenty of time to save up for your balance and spending money, especially if booking for next summer.

If you can’t find an early booking deal, putting this cost off may sound appealing to you, but think about the financial restrictions of booking late too.

Do you have nerves of steel?

If you have nerves of steel and enjoy the challenge of finding a last-minute deal, booking late will suit you. During the winter months, you can often find some fantastic last-minute deals, especially if you avoid the school holidays so a cheeky break in the sun can be a bargain.

However, whether it’s your main break or a quick weekend away, it’s usually wiser to get booking now and avoid the heartache and hassle of not finding the right holiday for you when you want it. Getting sorted in advance means you’ll have time to compare all the deals online, in shops and on the phone to ensure you get the best deal for you.

And what’s better than having something to look forward to through the long winter months?

Discover your next adventure now!


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