Holiday time is just around the corner. 

If you're planning to head out on a summer vacation this year, you're not alone. No matter your choice of the holiday I am sure you will have an amazing time. Vacations are a great time for rest, relaxation and trying new things.

Vacations are also a time for costs, expenses, entertainment fees and much more. Let’s face it vacations can get expensive.  Even the small trips.

7 ways to save on your next vacation: 

1. Look for deals. 

When booking your holiday check out travel sites online for a hotel, air, and car deals.  Check out more than one and reference the hotels' actual site to ensure you are getting a deal.

Once you have booked your location check online for coupons and discounts on entertainment, meals and local events.

2. Take the road less traveled. 

Instead of visiting peak travel destinations or airport locations.  Choose a smaller airport to save on fees and congestion.  Opt for a lesser known city or location to visit.

See the sites, mix with the locals, see the countryside.

3. Airbnb it.

Hotels can get pricey and when you are traveling with a family sometimes you need more room.  Airbnb has so many options in so many cities around the world. And usually, the cost of renting an Airbnb unit is cheaper than the hotel fees.

4. Hit the local market.

Stay away from the hotel bar fridge!  Pop by the local grocery store and stock up on snacks, water, beverages of choice, breakfast foods, fruit and much more.  This will save you the bar fridge tab and room service fees when the snack cravings set in.

Also, take advantage of the local grocery store to stock up on day pack snacks and beverages for your local tours and park visits.

5. Pack a backpack.

So you are touring the city, enjoying a theme park and going for a drive. Pack a small day pack with all the snacks, sunscreen and beverages you need.

Beverages and snacks at theme parks can get costly.  Save yourself the money and pack a few for your family.

6. Pack smart. 

Airlines are charging for everything including the extra baggage.  Pack only what you need and check the weight restrictions on your packages.

Also if you are packing more than one suitcase, mix it up. In case of lost luggage make sure you have at least one or more outfits per suitcase.

Last year, we spent one evening of our holiday shopping for new clothing for the boys because the airline lost their luggage. Next time, I will mix it up and pack a few outfits in each bag to save a headache and the fees.

Holidays can be amazing and money saving all at the same time. 
Who says you have to holiday during school break when destination fees are high?   If you go a few weeks before or a few weeks after national holiday breaks there are usually significant discounts in price.

Book a budget flight with and save money.  Life is full of adventures waiting to be had.

Have an amazing day!!


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