Besides learning how to find cheap accommodation, learning how to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world will help you to reduce your other big travel expense.

Thankfully, there are strategies and tips we can apply so we don’t have to pay top dollar and can find cheap air tickets!

Tips on how to find cheap flights to anywhere

How can I get a cheap flight? Follow these tips below and you’ll stack the odds in your favor! 
 What you see and what you get:

When planning a journey, you can book your flight tickets directly from the airline website but the smarter thing to do is to get your tickets from travel agents at a great discount. This price difference between what you see on the airline website and what you can get from the travel agent is because travel agents are allowed to offer significant discounts to their customers to quickly fill up the seats. This little trick can save depending on your travel destination. This money saved might increase if you are looking at international destinations.

Early bird takes the prize:

Like in all matters, booking your flight tickets early can be extremely cost-efficient. Ticket pricing in the aviation industry works on a complex algorithm to maximize revenue generation based on human psychology & buying pattern. In simple terms, the prices of the seats on a flight get jacked up as the travel date approaches. The airline figures that the closer you get to the travel date, the higher will be the rush ensuring a readiness to pay more for the same seat. You are better off booking your tickets early thereby avoiding getting ripped off by this complex mathematical model. However, too early might not help you. The best time to buy your tickets is around 60 days prior to your travel date.

Aggregator sites are your friends:

There are a number of airlines offering discounts for specific flight routes on various days. However, it isn’t possible for us to search for these discounts individually on each airline website. Rather, it is very time-consuming. This is where flight comparison websites turn on their charm. You can get the best rates of all known flights for different flight routes on these aggregator sites that simplify your task by doing the research for you.

Keep your dates flexible:

Keeping your dates flexible will help you to save a good amount of money while booking flights. Search for a date and see the adjacent dates on a calendar. Sometimes, booking your flight one day early or a day later can help you book at half the price. This holds true for all the festivals as well. Take an extra leave from work and you will save a lot. Skyscanner and Google flights have efficient fare calendar according to what I have seen.

Erroneous airline fares:

Many times airlines quote anomalous airfares that are much lower than the regular flight tickets. This could be because of software glitches, human errors, currency conversion errors, an omission of fuel surcharges, late cancellations, and promotional offers on that route or a host of other factors. The trick lies in digging up those fares and taking advantage of them while they last. How do you find these aberrations? Secretflying is the portal that extracts all such erroneous flight fares and shows them at one place. Travel agents who scan a thousand flight fares in a day also might be aware of these occasional anomalies. All you have to do is go to them and take advantage of these fares.

The best time to buy tickets:

The rates of flight tickets are dynamically adjusted based on several critical factors. If you want to benefit from this model, then book your tickets just after midnight. The travel agents usually hold the prices till the last hour of the day. After midnight, the ticket prices are at their lowest due to the previous day’s cancellation and higher seat availability. Use this supply-demand equation to your advantage and book your tickets at the cheapest prices during this period..

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Happy travels!


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